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My Parenting Plan was made a long time ago, I want to take my Child on vacation during February break, Do I need my Ex’s permission?

Dear Attorneys,


My child is 16 and our parenting plan was drafted a long time ago. At the time, schools still had February break, so we had included that under the section for Holidays and Vacation. However, my child’s school now only has two days off instead of a week. I want to take her on vacation that week. Do I need my ex’s permission?




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Dear Vacay,


If you and your ex-spouse have joint legal custody, you will likely need his or her consent before removing your daughter from school for a vacation. You should review your dissolution agreement to see if it specifies anything about taking your child out of school. In addition to that, you may want to consider updating that portion of your parenting plan, as well as any others that may be out of date since children’s and parents’ needs generally change during such a long time span.


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