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During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 Health Crisis, we are in uncharted territory when it comes to co-parenting and visitation. Wolf & Shore Law Group is here to help, with some tips on how to navigate through this.

You are going to have to be a bit flexible during these times. Work with your co-parent to figure out possible Zoom, Skype, or Facetime visits if you are unable to physically exchange the children for visitation. Allotting a few extra phone calls during the day would be good way to compromise as well.

There are some parenting plans that require air-travel. Some out of state parents may be gearing up for their summer with the kids, and that might not be safe. If you have a parenting plan that is requiring something that can’t be done (or can’t be done safely at this time) be sure to communicate and formulate an alternate plan.

One way that we have found to be helpful is to offer “make-up” time. Your co-parent can’t have their routine time with the kids right now, but they can make it up elsewhere, so they get the time they were supposed to have previously.

Now, we realize that for everything we just said to happen smoothly, both parents would need to agree. Unfortunately, not every co-parent relationship is amicable. What happens if you can’t reach an agreeable solution on your own? You will likely need legal assistance. Since mostly only emergency motions are being handled by the court right now, you may want to consider a virtual mediation.  This would allow a neutral third party (an attorney) to help mediate the outstanding issues between you and your co-parent. While you can certainly file a Motion to Open and Modify your current Court Order, if necessary, it likely will not be heard very quickly right now, so even if you do file one, you may want to seek a more immediate resolution also. If you have a motion filed and reach a temporary agreement through a mediator, in most cases that agreement can be e-filed and would become the most recent Court Order.

Often times, once counsel becomes involved, these matters end up calming down some and negotiations become easier. You may also seek the assistance of a co-parenting counselor who would be able to make recommendations to the both of you.

Let our office make your co-parenting issues easier, not harder.  More civilized and less stressful!  Attorneys Kristen Wolf and Shari Shore are both tenacious enough to protect your best interest and compassionate enough to help get you through a difficult modification, while ensuring that everything remains in the best interest of your children. Ever argue with a woman? Let Wolf & Shore Law Group go to work for you. Click here, call us at 203.745.315, or email us at

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